NaturePaq ™ is a convenient new way to natural balanced organic nutrition in a pocket size daily travel packet

Good for people - Good for the planet

Complete Organic Vitamins Minerals 100% Natural Nutrition Grower direct



USDA NOP eco-cert Certified Organic  US FDA Registereed Approved

Vegan - Gluton-Free - No additives - No Chemicals - Certified Organic USDA-NOP-Eco-Cert cultivated in pristine north Cambodia rainforest -100% pure fresh Moringa leaf pressed powder tablets

Cultivated year round - 100% traceable source Moringa-Thon Energy tabs are a complete pocket size daily nutritional supplement packet loaded with 100% natural nutrition
we need like beta-sitosterol known to help prevent heart disease, balance cholesterol & prevent swelling of prostate known as BHP

Moringa is one of the most secret performance enhancing products taken by athletes who ingest mega-doses that help them physically and mentally

MoringaThon™ monthly contains thirty each 8 tab daily mini-packets of 100% natural organic protein, vitamins & minerals.

MoringaThon is a great nutritional plan for the entire family!

 Known as "The Miracle Tree", Moringa oleifera is a tropical botanical loaded w all the natural nutrition your body needs!

Get informed & get started with new NaturePaq™ MoringaThon™ ENERGY TABS 100% natural nutrition that will improve your body, mind & spirit & help prevent unnecessary diseases naturally!

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Resealable one month pouch contains 30 ea convenience pocket packets w
eight MoringaThon™ 400 mg Energy tablets sealed in grower fresh ziplocks

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Fresh New 240 ea 400mg certified organic MoringaThon Energy Tabs family size dispenser

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(360 ea. 400 mg certified organic Moringathon tablets)

So, why haven't we ever heard of Moringa? The answer is simple.
Big corporations spend millions to advertise proprietary products because one cannot own a patent on a tree, so corporations develop man-made laboratory concoctions blending various extracts, many of which may cause additional health problems with potential adverse reactions.

The fact is the Moringa oleifera tree has been consumed freely by native people for hundreds if not thousands of years throughout the tropical regions of the planet without negative side effects.

NaturePaq™ MoringaThon™ ENERGY TABS


Compare Moringa to leading natural fruits, vegetables, and flower botanical products


Organically cultivated - the NaturePaq™ MoringaThon™ tablets are a natural superfood that will energize you with organic protein & nourish your body with an array vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

ORAC value of 157,000

Iron: 46.8% of NRV

Vitamin A: 32.5% of NRV

6 natural vitamins & minerals

30% Fiber

25% Protein

Super Antioxidant


Antioxidants: ORAC (Oxidant Radicals Absorbent Capacity) system developed by US National Institute of Health.

Moringa ORAC value: 157,000 μmol TE/100g. Goji berry powder: 25,300 μmol TE/100g. Independent research by Brunswick Laboratories

Moringa oleifera as an Anti-Cancer Agent against Breast and Colorectal Cancer Cell Lines: ⁵ Intake of different dietary proteins and risk of type 2 diabetes in men: the Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study, British Journal of Nutrition

Moringa oleifera is a medicinal plant widely used in folkloric medicine of Africa and Asia for the treatment of ailments such as ulcer, wound, inflammation, heart problem, cancer, stroke, obesity, anaemia and liver damage. The chemical constituents of the extract of Moringa oleifera leaves and seeds were investigated using HPLC chromatography and sixteen chemical constituents were identified in the leaf extract & five chemical constituents were in seed extract. Results showed that these relatively diverse plant chemicals may be responsible for the profound medicinal properties of Moringa oleifera leaves and seeds.


Fresh organically cultivated MORINGATHON LOOSE LEAF TEA contains:

91 natural vitamins, minerals, nutrients w/ 47 Antioxidants, 36 Anti-inflammatories, 25 Vitamins & Minerals, 8 essential Amino Acids,

MoringaThon Energy tea increases natural defenses, provides natural wholefood nourishment 100% Natural and organic. CAFFEINE FREE, GMO FREE, GLUTEN FREE

150 gram resealable metal stand-up pouch!
certified organic tea leaf Now $19.95 includes shipping

What this means for you is observable benefits to the skin, hair, promotes weight loss plus over-all increased energy levels!


Miracle Moringa Spa Facial & Skin Firming Lotion contains organic Moringa seed oil, Pueraria mirifica extract, Royal jelly, Aloe Vera, Cassia seed, Cacao butter & more! Introducing new Miracle Moringa Spa Facial & Skin Firming Anti-aging Restorative Lotion!
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NaturePaq Organic Miracle Moringa Spa Facial Skin Firming Lotion 30 gram dispenser

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We have an HD video with our guest tour guide, Ayee Yo from Cambodia

We toured an organic Moringa farm & share a fascinating story about the numerous culinary, cosmetic uses and health benefits people enjoy from the tropical Miracle Tree, Moringa

Our organic Moringa growers are fully licensed by the Cambodia Ministry of Health & Thailand Ministry of Public Health, FDA. Siam Industries International Co. Ltd. is a Thailand-USA Amity Limited Company & FDA licensed import/export manufacturer-distributor of natural rainforest products from southeast Asia

NaturePaq ™ inc. is a privately held US corp established 2016 and Exclusive Distributor of Siam Industries International Co. Ltd. Thailand import-export distributor of natural nutritional health fitness, beauty & skin care elixirs spearheaded by the foremost Siam Natural™ organically cultivated native Thai Pueraria miorifica & Butea superba supplements.


Siam Industries International Co., Ltd Premier Organic Siam Natural Thai Pueraria mirifica & Butea superba ladies & men's natural rejuvenative health supplement products are branded for exclusive distribution to USA.



Pueraria Siam ladies organic restorative root compound recommended as a 100% natural herbal dietary health, beauty, fitness supplement for naturally increasing smooth skin, muscle firming, breast firming/enlargement, renewed energy, vitality & increased libido.

Now In Stock in our Indiana USA Warehouse


Pueraria Siam is Thai FDA licensed - US FDA registered - Premium Grade GMP Organically Cultivated Pueraria mirifica
100 ea 250 mg capsules. Save with free shipping + $10.00 off MSRPl $49.95
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Pueraria Siam Thai FDA licensed - US FDA registered super Premium Grade GMP organically cultivated super high grade Pueraria Siam

100 ea 250 mg capsules. Save 41% on three bottlesl Reg $119.85 Now $79.95 includes shipping/handling.

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Butea Siam men's organic restorative root compound recommended as a 100% natural herbal dietary health supplement for naturally increasing Free Testosterone, muscle firming, renewed energy vitality & increased libido.

ON SALE - Butea Siam Thai FDA Licensed US FDA approved super Premium Grade strain Butea superba Siam 100% natural greenhouse organically cultivated Butea superba w extract
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Order organically greenhouse cultivated NaturePaq brand Butea superba Siam 3 btl special on-line from our warehouse in Indiana USA & save Siam Natural (Kwao Krua Dang) NaturePaq Butea Superba Siam organically cultivated V-caps 100 ea 250 mg w extract per bottle X3

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100% natural herbal nutrition
& nutraceutical skin care beauty preservation products

When it comes to authentic natural health & plant based formulation cosmetics . . .

More & more customers choose the Siam Natural  ™ brand of new highly effective & sustainable hand manufactured herbal nutritional & nutraceutical skin care elixirs.

Siam Industries International currently offers select super high quality pure natural green living herbal health, fitness & skin care elixirs direct from Thailand grower/manufacturers. We now also have local stock shipment to America from our Terre Haute, Indiana NaturePaq distribution center

Siam Industries International is proud to introduce our latest Siam Natural Envisage Siam PM super-natural imported tropical base skin & breast firming cream.
Increase the natural beauty of your breasts with
Siam Natural Envisage Siam PM Breast Cream contains Naturoestrol-PM-II+

new Naturoestrol-II+ Breast Cream


 Increase the natural beauty of your breasts with Siam Natural Envisage Siam Breast Cream with an all new formulation with the addition of ingredients like organic Moringa seed oil, Joboba Oil, Aloe Vera Barbadensis Leaf Juice and healing plant oils come together to create a creme that puts the life back into your skin. Naturally occurring antioxidants, essential fatty acids and therapeutic compounds create a moisturizing whipped light yet full body creme that protects, hydrates and restores.


25 gram contents

A special safe & all natural Pueraria mirifica HG liquid extract formulation for lifting, firming & enlarging breasts with extra-concentrated Pueraria mirifica with pure Naturoestrol -IIextract and a nourishing blend of safe and effective complimentary ingredients in a new acrylic designer 30 gram jar .

 A new safe natural formulation that contains both maceration PM liquid extract & our latest Naturoestrol - II+ ''green' SFE cold process super concentrated organic extract.

 This replaces our original breast cream that has decades of proven results in Thailand and has been endorsed by the world scientific community for lifting, firming & enlarging breasts with extra concentrated Pueraria mirifica Naturoestrol ™ maceration liquid extract. Our Envisage Siam PM w Naturoestrol-II+ 'green' SFE extract is the latest most powerful new nourishing blend of safe and effective Pueraria mirifica plus complimentary natural ingredients in a thirty gram designer jar. .

Siam Natural Envisage Siam PM Breast Cream efficiently & naturally increases a women's bust size from one to three full sizes with continued use!

A natural product blend for lifting, firmness, and renders a more youthful YOU by nourishing and enlarging the skin around the breast.
Siam Natural Envisage Siam PM Breast Cream is a 100% safe natural herbal formulated product & will not cause any negative side effects.

The import ingredients used are all approved by the Thai FDA and registered with the US FDA as safe & effective with the all the natural benefits produced by Pueraria mirifica, Thailand's miracle herbal compound with the rare phyto-estrogenic natural herb chemical compound, Miroestrol.

The NEW Envisage Siam PM Super Natural Import formulation contains both Naturoestrol-I & Naturoestrol-II+ Pueraria mirifica liquid extracts from organically cultivated HG Thai Kwao krua kao. Use for three to four weeks to realize measurable results. For increased results, continue for a minimum three months treatment is recommended. Look firmer & younger with that vibrant youthful glow - inside and out! What are you waiting for?

Siam Natural Envisage Siam tropical Breast Cream import 30 gram contents designer jar
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