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PRESS RELEASE - NaturePaq, Inc. MoringaThon Energy Tabs to debut in USA

It’s seldom a renewable Green fortuity crops up with a likely win-win outcome for all involved. NaturePaq intros new organic MoringaThon Energy Tabs


27, August 2017 – For Immediate Release

Siam Natural Organics of Thailand is introducing a new line of organic Moringa oleifera leaf products and organic seed oil based cosmetic products sourced directly from farmer-grower from the southeast Asian rain forest region.

The new natural organic product line includes;

● Organic MoringaThon Energy Tabs

● Organic Miracle Moringa Spa Facial Skin Firming Lotion, and

● Organic Moringa Tea leaf in 150gram and 1lb.

Siam Industries International Co., Ltd. (aka: Siam Natural Organics brand) of Thailand recently entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with NaturePaq, Inc., USA to bring their premier fully licensed Thai health, beauty, and fitness products to a Nevada USA based warehouse distribution center for quick shipping to north American customers.

NaturePaq, inc. will also import the hugely popular Siam Natural Organics Pueraria mirifica and Butea superba premier organically green-house cultivated encapsulations to select health food stores for over the counter purchase.


The project is a major step for Siam Industries International, Co., Ltd. of Thailand so initiating an crowd funding campaign is currently in progress to help generate additional expansion funding. There will also be special perks pricing on various product bundles associated with the crowdfunding campaign scheduled to commence soon.


Watch the new 30 second TV spot on MoringaThon™ Energy Tabs & please pitch in on IndieGoGo soon.

NaturePaq™ MoringaThon™ ENERGY TABS


For distributor information contact sales at Naturepaq, Inc. USA 1-866-343-3968