Siam Industries International Co. Ltd. is a Thailand-USA Amity Limited Company &
Thai FDA licensed import/export distributor
of Cambodia natural rainforest herbal products

Siam Industries International Co., Ltd.
Cambodia VP, Ayee Yo visits a Moringa farm

As a US-Thai Amity trade company & manufacturer-distributor of southeast Asian native raw organic health, nutrition & beauty supplements, Siam Industries International Co. is dedicated to share the bounty with the new NaturePaq™ MoringaThon™ Energy Tabs.

It is a definite "win win" opportunity whose time has come - from the environment, to the growers and consumers from all walks of life who can enjoy the many health and nutritional benefits of the sustainable Moringa tree leaf, powder and seed oil products.

Westerners are generally uninformed about Moringa and many people are simply not getting the proper daily vitamins in the processed foods they eat.

New MoringaThon™ Energy Energy Tabs are a quick convenient means to consume fresh natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids in an all-in-one 100% natural organic vitamin rich pressed powder 8 tablet packet.

With boots on the ground in Cambodia and Thailand, we wish to spread the word and educate people about the various nutritional benefits found in Moringa with recipes for food and beverages and support those local independent farmer-growers and NGOs who seek to cultivate Moringa for both local consumption and global distribution.

Throughout the the western world and Asia we wish to enhance your daily diet with an inexpensive yet rich natural nutritional tree leaf plant food vitamin supplement with our convenient fresh 8 tab daily packets of pure MoringaThon™ tablets.
make it a good daily habit!

Our organic Moringa growers are fully licensed by the Cambodian Ministry of Health Department & Thailand Ministry of Puiblic Health, FDA.

NaturePaq ™ is a privately held US corp and exclusive import, manufacturing & distribution company of organic &
natural nutritional health & beauty skin care products for Siam Industries International, Co. Ltd.